October & New York Comic Con Approach

J. M. DeSantis NYCC 2016

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for me. October is nearly here, and that’s big deal given Halloween is my favourite holiday and my birthday follows just two days after that. More, the New York Comic Con is just a little over week and a half away at this point, and besides Halloween, it’s the one of the only things I can seem to think about right now.

I’m still busy getting ready for the show, finishing up artwork for two new prints (well, the art for one is complete at least), waiting for orders to come in, purchasing some new items that are going to make this show and others a little easier for me, and I’m working on two commissions right now that are being picked up at the show–and, by the way, if you want a pre-show commission that you can pick up on site, visit my Commissions Page. Commissions are open year round now, unless otherwise stated there.

Also this week I was hoping to launch the Patreon page I’ve been mulling over and working on since the Spring, but I’m now of the mind that I should probably wait until after NYCC. There’s a lot to still tweak and develop before I launch, and besides from October to December I’m going to be focusing heavily on internet promotion and sales. I’ll be promoting my Zazzle and Society6 stores more, pushing commissions and with my new Instagram account and Halloween and the holidays coming, I’m sure there will plenty of chances to post pictures of things of interest.

Never mind that besides the above, based on my convention appearances this year, my desire to weed out setbacks in my schedule, the forthcoming Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows – Book I (collecting issues 1 – 6–and by the way, my editor has said he’ll finally be looking over issue 5 this week) and some more marketing advice I’ve received, I’m planning to start working on some new things for 2017 following NYCC (and the few days recovery that usually follow the four-day marathon event).

Of course, this is all forgetting the extremely important (and somewhat frightening) presidential race that is happening right now in the States and how potentially devastating the outcome could be. Also is the on-going problem of unjustified use of force and guns (to put it lightly) by police in certain areas of the country–especially against black men and women. And though this may seem like a non-sequitur and though I don’t usually get political on my blog (and who knows if that will change in the wake of this all), believe me I have strong opinions on what’s happening right now, and it is something that takes up a considerable amount of my time, reading, watching and thinking about, and it is taking its toll, as I’m certain it is for many.

In short, I’m extremely busy and pre-occupied and doing my best to keep everything moving. It feels great (the busy part), and honestly I should have more anxiety right now than I’m actually feeling. With how successful NYCC was for me last year, I’m hoping this year will be the same or even better. If you’re looking for me, again, I’ll be in Small Press (under Exhibitors, not Artist Alley) at booth 1259 (the same I’ve had for the last two years). In fact, if it’s easier, here’s my Exhibitor page on the NYCC website: newyorkcomiccon.com/en/Exhibitors/1999910/J-M-DeSantis.

For now it’s back to work. I hope to see a big turnout at my booth next weekend, so make sure you mark me in your show planner, even if it’s just to stop by and say hello; talking to people is my favourite part of doing shows–honestly!

See you then. Cheers!

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