Some Things in the Works

J. M. DeSantis Some Things in the Works

The New York Comic Con is just two weeks away (I know, it seems early to me this year too). Amidst a busy schedule, I’ve been trying to get a number of things ready for the biggest show I do all year (and usually the one I end the year on–though next year I’m debating changing that a bit by adding some new shows). Already I had a few things planned, but my experiences in Boston and Baltimore this year got me thinking about a few additional things I want to add to that already extensive list of projects.

First, I have a number of new prints that are both completed and in development for this and upcoming conventions in the following year. Two new mini prints include the Cthulhu panel from one of my Gentleman Cthulhu comics and a new Count Orlok piece (because I just can’t seem to stop drawing the character). Also amongst the new prints is a new Alice in Wonderland piece which I was teasing on social media last night.

graf_orlokThe current two black and white Alice pieces I have available as prints (and on other merchandise on my Zazzle and Society6 stores) have proved very popular for years, but I keep getting requests for colour pieces as well. So, I decided to create a new Mad Hatter piece (including the March Hare and the Dormouse, as in the black and white), and that being based on a piece I donated for an auction at the Boston Comic Con this past August. I’m hoping it will prove as popular as the previous pieces, as this year I’m finally starting to (I think) find my fan art niche (an important thing for artists to do).

Last and quite uncharacteristic for me, is a new Deadpool and James Bond mashup (which I like to call Deadp007). I had started toying with at the Baltimore Comic-Con, though I originally sketched the concept way back in college. I’m putting the final touches on it this week, and while it is a deviation from the sort of work I usually focus on (I don’t do superheroes), my fellow artists have been gently nagging me to do a superhero piece for years. So I finally caved in an effort to both challenge myself and to just see for myself how this sort of print will sell (though honestly I’m feeling terrible about myself for doing it).

gcyr1_coverOn the book side of things, the first collection of Gentleman Cthulhu comics is with the printer and on its way. I’m looking forward to seeing what the response will be to the book this year, and what the level of interest in purchasing a web-comic collection will be. Plus, I’ll still have Chadhiyana #0 and #1 available for people who have yet to be introduced to the series, or have only purchased one and not the other yet. Of course, I wish I could say that Chadhiyana #5 was available for this show (and even #6), but I’m still waiting to hear back from the publisher with the edits. For my part, I do apologise for this. I know there was a delay between issues 2 and 3, but the delay between issues 4 and 5 has been almost double that length of time. Unfortunately, at this point, it’s out of my hands. I really can’t, in all fairness, say more than that, but it’s my hope the next issue will be available soon.

Finally, because I’ve grown exhausted of being secretive about this, the other web initiative I’ve alluded to since the Spring is a Patreon page. I have yet to try any sort of crowdfunding, and have been aware of Patreon since VaatiVidya began using the site to help fund his YouTube channel. The trouble right now is coming up with enough rewards that I feel are worth a person’s money but won’t overwhelm me either. In particular, it’s the mid-level rewards that I’m having the most trouble with, but I’ve just about narrowed it all down. The idea was to launch the page before New York Comic Con (and I’ve been working on it for a long time now). I’m hoping that will still be possible, but if it does not happen before then, keep your eyes on this blog and my social media accounts. I’ll be sure to make the announcement here and there when it launches.

Either way, I hope to see many of you in New York this year. Don’t forget I’m NOT in Artist Alley, but will be located in the Small Press section (I think booth 1259, as I was last year). Until next week.


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