Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! If you celebrate the holiday, I hope you’re enjoying it safely.This week I’ll be lying low for the most part, especially because I came down with a stomach bug this morning, but also because not only is Halloween my favourite holiday, but my birthday is just two days following it (which I think I’ve written enough times in this blog).

That said, even though I won’t be hanging around the internet much until Thursday (and that includes Social Media), I will be posting two Gentleman Cthulhu comics this week on gentlemancthulhu.com. One comic for Halloween (which is up currently) and one for my birthday, since it falls on a Wednesday this year–the otherwise typical day for me to posting Gentleman Cthulhu comic and of course providing this stomach virus doesn’t knock me out of commission entirely (let me have a little fun–it is my birthday, after all).

I’ll be back next week with an important announcement for my State-side fans and readers, and then very likely the following week with another announcement (though of a very different cut than next week’s).

Until next week!

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