Thank You Inbeon Studios

Thank You Inbeon Studios
I just wanted to make a brief but heartfelt shout out to Eric Hutchison and the rest of the crew at Inbeon Studios not only for running another successful Inbeon Con this past weekend, but also for being a great and inspiring group to work alongside. I’ve known Eric for as long as I’ve been attending the Baltimore Comic-Con (six years, including this coming year’s show in September), and he’s always been supportive and encouraging of my work. Not only that, but his Inbeon Studios is my printer for all of my prints, and he does an amazing job with them. So, thank you Eric and everyone at Inbeon.

That said, Inbeon Con was a huge success this year. As I posted on social media, I was so busy during the one-day show, I didn’t have a moment to spare to even post the commissions I was taking or the low running stock of certain prints (bringing me yet that much closer to being able to create new ones for future shows—likely this will occur in 2018; at least that’s my thought on the matter).

Plus, I got to see a number of old faces (as always) and catch up a bit with said peoples, including Mark Mazz (of Atlas Unleashed—who I’ve worked with many times, and if you read my blog often enough, you’ve probably seen his name pop up again and again), Alex Rivera (inker), Peat Vazquez and Brendan Shaw (of Fat Guy Inc), and Lawrence Bentine and Sebastian Bonet (with Inbeon Studios). If I missed anyone else, I do apologise.

Otherwise, the last days of the campaign (as it were) to raise money for the next Gentleman Cthulhu collection and my new sketchbook is almost over. Again, you can become a part of this (and have your name listed in both books), by either joining my Patreon ( or sending a one-time gift to my PayPal account ( The rewards are the same either way and are as follows:

$3.00 – Your name in both books and a digital copy of the second Gentleman Cthulhu collection. On Patreon, you also get early access to all Gentleman Cthulhu comics at this level and above and access to some other Patreon exclusives.

$5.00 – Your name in both books, a digital copy of the sketchbook and a print copy of the second Gentleman Cthulhu collection.

$15.00 and up – Your name in both books and print copies of both the sketchbook and the second Gentleman Cthulhu collection.

Any way you choose to support is just fine, even if you just choose to share the information with others. And of course, thank you for said support.

Until next time…Cheers!

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