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Chadhiyana #4 has already been submitted to the publisher (Rosarium Publishing, that is) and it promises to be an intense, albeit short, issue. As much as I’d love to write more about it at this point, I’ll save that for the official release-date announcement. In the meanwhile, though it’s been available for a little over a month now, Chadhiyana #3 has still been getting some attention and is available on yet another one of Rosarium Publishing’s online distributor sites. 

First and foremost, if you’ve missed my posts about them on social media, Chadhiyana #3 has received two favourable reviews from both BlerdsOnline.com and SequentialTart.com. Both sites have been following Chadhiyana since the beginning and have had some wonderful things to say about the series thus far. Never mind that after the first two issues, I was contacted for an in-depth interview with SequentialTart: sequentialtart.com/article.php?id=2822. You can read the reviews at the following links (just beware that spoilers abound):

BlerdsOnline Chadhiyana #3 Review

SequentialTart Chadhiyana #3 Review

Also quite exciting was a few weeks ago when Neil Gaiman reposted a Rosarium Publishing post on his tumblr page. That post included a description of Chadhiyana with an image of the cover of the first issue. At the very least I can say there has been something of a small buzz surrounding the title since it began publishing under Rosarium in the summer, so a huge thanks to my publisher for that.

Chadhiyana #3As for available places to purchase the latest issue, PeepGameComix has added Chadhiyana #3 to their digital store: peepgamecomix.com/product/chadhiyana-3/. This is in addition to the already available Amazon Kindle version and the comiXology digital download. Of course, if you’d rather one of those or if you have yet to give the series a try, just visit the Comics Page on chadhiyana.com or the Store on jmdesantis.com for links to purchase issues.

That said, I’m hoping Chadhiyana #4 will release fairly soon, as I’m very excited to see what the reaction to this one will be. In the meanwhile, feel free to catch up on the current issues, read my other comic, Gentleman Cthulhu: Emeritus Moribus Monstrum (on gentlemancthulhu.com) and browse through the available merchandise on my Zazzle and society6 stores (zazzle.com/jmdesantis & society6.com/jmdesantis).

Also, as I’ve said in past blog posts, expect some Chadhiyana related merchandise soon(ish) on the Rosarium Publishing society6 store (society6.com/rosariumpublishing) and something big coming from said publisher in the coming month. More on those as the information becomes available.

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