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Sorry for the change in schedule this week, folks. I had to rearrange a few things to accommodate two Gentleman Cthulhu comics this week ( But it also gave me an opportunity to upload a few new designs and products to both my Zazzle and Society6 stores. Again, because of time-constraints, and the newness of this business venture, I’m only using artwork and designs which I have previously created, but this week I’m offering a few new products and two designs which have never been available before, even as prints on my convention tables.

First, the two new designs include a vampire piece and a Lovecraft piece. The first, offered only as a print for now, is I created a few years back, and I rather like, but never did anything with beyond adding it to my online gallery. Behind You (appropriately named) features a young man hunting through a crypt to find the vampire who bit him. Little does he suspect the undead fiend is right behind him. This piece was also one of the last artworks I created using a combination of watercolours and coloured pencils (I now use inks exclusively with the former).

The second new design is a Cthulhu piece I created a few weeks ago for a Gentleman Cthulhu comic. I rather liked how the thing came out, though by reason of its size, I could only offer it on a few smaller products (stickers, phone cases and small prints).

That said, new products this week include t-shirts, hoodies, tank-tops, mugs and even a wall clock (on! These were added to the previous selection of prints, canvases, cards and phone cases. On my Zazzle store, there are also buttons and stickers, whilst my Society6 store offers pouches, rugs, pillows, tapestries and blankets.

Admittedly, the large majority of products currently offered have either (in most cases both) the Nosferatu design or the Cthulhu Taking Tea design (the illustration which inspired me to make Gentleman Cthulhu). That’s largely because those two designs, in particular, are the most versatile as far as how they look on various products. In the future, I’d of course like to spread out the designs offered a bit more, but that will come as I can dedicate more time to the store and creating new designs.

Again, this is a brand new business venture for me (which, as I stated a couple of weeks ago, when I announced the stores’s opening, I’d been mulling over for a number of years now), and also as stated before, in my indecision I opened stores on both and Each site has different uploading methods and different approval methods for products, not to mention different layouts for their stores and even some differences in products offered (thus the discrepancy of which products are offered on which store).

I will admit, Zazzle is a bit more customisable, and therefore considerably more in-depth to use. I’m even still learning all of the print-on-demand products they offer (last night, in fact, I found a number of new options I didn’t know existed before). But, on the down side, Zazzle’s approval period for designs is longer than Society6’s, so there may well be a few products I’m mentioning in this blog post which do not show up on my Zazzle store for another 24 to 48 hours.

That all said, I do ask you all to be a little patient with me and the online stores, this week and going forward. Eventually, I’ll get the hang of it all. Right now, I’m sort of like a kid in a candy store.

I have a few more designs I’m planning to add in the coming weeks, as well as t-shirt designs to submit to the Rosarium Publishing Society6 store (which would be, exclusively, Chadhiyana-themed), so keep checking back, and at some point, maybe I’ll be able to dedicate some more time to some new, original designs.

Happy shopping!

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