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So! Since there were some decent responses to my poem, “When You Die?” (see my A Bit of Ghoulish Poetry entry from two weeks ago–though the responses were mostly on deviantART and my social media sites), I got up the confidence to enter that and two other lately created poems into a poetry contest held by WILDSound. As I’ve said in the past, and despite having two poems-as-comics published (including “Diwali” in Steampunk Originals volume 1), I always thought of myself as a decent poet, at best; however, the responses were encouraging, and I’m beginning to feel a little differently now.

After all, as I wrote two weeks ago, I do love poetry, when it’s well written, and I’ve always wanted to be a better poet. Some of my favourite writers are great poets, and I’ve always loved poetic and flowery language–and what better place to use it than in a poem? It’s just never been the area of writing I’ve put a lot of work into.

The other two poems, “My Lady of the Water” and “The Fruits of Aldamar”, were written a few weeks ago, when I was suddenly hit with some inspiration to write some poetry. Rather, I should say, I was stuck in a room during state testing at the school where I teach with nothing but my thoughts and fifteen or so students silently taking their tests. It’s enough to drive a man insane. Really it is. So I came up with a rhyme or two, each day, which developed into a finished poem. There was a third poem I wrote that week (which included finishing the then unfinished “When You Die?”), but I didn’t feel it was quite up to snuff for the contest.

That’s sort of how the whole poetry business goes for me, by the way. I’ll binge (as it were) on them for a short period of time, write a few, and then not touch my poetry notebook for a while again, while I concentrate on other writing. I really should visit it more frequently. After all, I’m not saying I’m Poe or Shakespeare or even REH (yes, I think he’s an excellent poet), but I’m starting to think that perhaps I’m not all that bad at it and could get even better.

The three poems I submitted are up on WILDSound’s website for your reading pleasure (just scroll down for the direct links). There are buttons on the site to like and share them. I hope some of you will. Most of all, I just hope enjoy them. If you do, please leave a comment here. Who knows? I may start giving my poetry even more attention. I’m sure that would delight some of you.


 My Lady of the Water

The Fruits of Aldamar

When You Die?

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