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Thank You GSCF and On a Much More Serious Note…

J. M. DeSantis blog post

This blog piece is a bit difficult to write, as I’m quite torn on precisely what to write. On one hand, this past weekend I was exhibiting at the Garden State Comic Fest and honestly came out of the event with some relatively noteworthy news to share. On the other hand, over dinner on Sunday, my girlfriend brought me up to speed about the recent shootings in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights and the intense backlash (on both “sides”, as it were) following this news. So, I am quite torn. I’d love to share my experience at the GSCF, yet I seem this time particularly unable to ignore what is happening in the world beyond my small and rather insignificant life (in the broader scheme of things). But, I suppose, like most convoluted stories or thoughts, its best to start at the beginning, though a part of me feels icky doing so. Read more… ›

More Poetry

So! Since there were some decent responses to my poem, “When You Die?” (see my A Bit of Ghoulish Poetry entry from two weeks ago–though the responses were mostly on deviantART and my social media sites), I got up the confidence to enter that and two other lately created poems into a poetry contest held by WILDSound. As I’ve said in the past, and despite having two poems-as-comics published (including “Diwali” in Steampunk Originals volume 1), I always thought of myself as a decent poet, at best; however, the responses were encouraging, and I’m beginning to feel a little differently now. Read more… ›