Thank You White Plains!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who came out to support the White Plains Comic Con this past Saturday, especially those who bought commissions, prints and copies of Chadhiyana. As I said last year, I really hope this convention continues to grow, as the people in the White Plains area seem to be very supportive of the event and it’s extremely well run. Really, one of the best conventions I’ve been to. 

Thanks, of course, to Nancy Silberkleit of Archie Comics and Ray Felix of Bronx Heroes for organizing the event and inviting me back this year. Unfortunately the WPCC this year fell on my father’s 60th birthday (which I realised after I’d already committed to it); so hopefully the date won’t fall on the same weekend next year, as I’ll have to make it up to him (though, we did have plenty of time to celebrate together–so thanks also to Dad for being understanding). Happy Birthday again!

That said, I have a number of conventions lined up for the summer, with a few additional invites I’m mulling over, so be sure to check the Events & Shows Page for up-to-date listings. Hopefully I’ll see some of you who are reading this on the convention circuit this year–if I haven’t already.


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