The New Storefront

NEWS: The New Storefront
Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone. And with that holiday begins the Holiday Season and, more the Holiday Shopping Season. With that (and though it wasn’t quite planned this way; it just worked out this way) I’m officially launching a new storefront on this website! 

You can find the new storefront at The new store will be used to sell specialty items and original artwork directly though my website, as well as other items not found elsewhere. My storefronts on Zazzle and Society6 will remain (which include more merchandise items, such as mugs, t-shirts and mousepads; that sort of thing), and I will continue to sell my comics and books through more traditional publishers and distributors, but the new store will help me expand to selling some additional items I haven’t easily been able to offer on the internet, and in some cases, I haven’t even been able to cart them along to conventions to sell.

That said, currently the store is offering a sale on all prints (marked down from their full price), as I’m attempting to clean out my stock for new items and art in 2018. Also available is my entire Inktober 2017 collection (each piece sold separately), as well as a few pre-drawn and painted sketch covers. I’m hoping to add some more items before the end of the year, but if this is all I have available until next year, I’m comfortable with that.


Other than that, I’m still available for commissions through the end of January. I’m doing my best to book as many as possible between then and now, especially because I’m raising prices in February (for a number of reasons, including wanting to put more time into my commissions). To give everyone a better idea of the price-hike, I’ve included the tentative new prices on the Commissions Page. So if you’re on the fence about it, perhaps this might be an incentive. You’ll get a better quality commission from me at these “older” prices. So act now, because my pricing structure will change in the new year (after January 31st). Visit for prices and information (as well as inquiries).

Otherwise, as I’ve stated for weeks, November 30th is fast approaching and that is the deadline to join my Patreon and have your name included in both my new 2017 sketch book and the Inktober 2017 collection I’m putting out (the latter of which will be a hand-written list!). At just $3.00 you can have your name in both books; $5.00 includes a digital copy; $15.00 gets all of this plus a physical, signed copy of both books.

That said, I hope you all enjoy the things I’m offering as this year winds down and we begin the New Year. It’s been ten years of professional work for me in December, and ten years of publishing in March 2018. So help me celebrate and take home some great artwork while you’re at it.


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