Thanks B&N, Updates, a Podcasts & More Books

Robert Phillips by J. M. DeSantis

I know it seems impossible, but there are more publications coming from me this year. But before I get into that, a couple of site updates, and a special podcast that’s debuting in three days, I want to thank the staff at Barnes & Noble in Princeton, New Jersey for the wonderful opportunity they afforded me this past weekend during their Local Author event, in which I was talking about and signing copies of my latest book, Robert Phillips (a Lovecraftian novella centering around The Necronomicon and its author, Abdul Alhazred). 

That said, I also want to thank everyone who came to the signing and showed their support. Attendance was good, and I was humbled by how far some traveled for my first book signing. I can’t express how much it really meant to me.

And speaking of those who traveled far, furthest of all travelers was Mr. Dwayne Farver, who has been a staunch supporter of my work, both on Patreon and otherwise, for years. More recently, Dwayne (as I know him) has gone from fan and friend to fellow creator. He’s starting a new sci-fi, time-travel podcast called Manifestations ( & which he describes as “A hopeful, solar punk story told by someone out of place and out of time.”

I’ve read some of Dwayne’s early work on this and listened to a preview of the podcast, and it’s really great stuff. I’ve never really listened to podcasts, but I’m starting now with Manifestations. I hope you will too. If nothing else, it’ll be a perfect way to get in some great science-fiction listening while you wait for the next books from me. (And, honestly, Dwayne has a good, smooth voice to listening to; which I only realised when listening to his work).

The Tainted Ones by J. M. DeSantis

It’s been a long while coming, but both The Tainted Ones (comic) and Ghosts Are People Too (children’s book) will be out very soon. Ghosts Are People Too is scheduled for release on the 13th and 20th of September (hardcover and paperback respectively), whilst I’m finishing the art on The Tainted Ones today, and it will go into post production (with my new letterer, Mindy Lopkin). The comic will follow publication shortly after, as will the expanded book, The Tainted Ones: Praxis, which will contain all of the pre-production work (sketches, designs, notes, etc), the scripts, and my art process for creating the short comic. I honestly feel that book will be very useful to other comic creators (generally), and those interested in my process.

Other than that, Gentleman Cthulhu started up regular publication again last week. Today another new comic posted (on I’m also still working toward finishing my other novel, The Kirklyn Horror, as well as preparing for this Inktober’s Lovecraft theme, and things are moving with the new Chadhiyana project. All of this was spoken about to varying degrees in my recent interview with Sequential Tart ( Also, regular visitors might notice a big change to the menu bar above: in that “books & comics”, “web-pub(lications)” and “merch(andise)” are added and more prominent than the writing and art sections.

Ghosts Are People Too by J. M. DeSantis

As I wrote last week, this site was initially created as a portfolio site for editors to browse my work in the hopes of hiring me, but I’ve found for a long time now that the majority of people visiting the site are people interested in my work (as readers and consumers), and are often at a loss of where to purchase my work online. And while I’ve tried many times to create something of a “store” on this site, I’m hoping this new layout will solve the problem once and for all.

That said, and to wrap this long blog up, you’ll find a full list of all my currently available published works under Books & Comics, Web-Pubs will have my free-to-read-online stuff, and Merch will feature my online stores, where you can get my art and designs on t-shirts, mugs, and all that fun stuff.

Anyway, that’s all from me for this week. Mark you calendars for 31st August for the Manifestations premier, and 13th (or 20th) of September for my children’s book, Ghosts Are People Too.


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