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J. M. DeSantis 2019 Conventions

It’s a blessing and a curse that I’m not writing my blog weekly anymore. On one hand, I’m able to focus a lot more on published(able) content. On the other hand, not having to post every week means that sometimes I neglect to post anything until things build up. There’s no perfect system, I suppose, but I need to tweak the current one a bit. That said, there’s a lot to write about, so let’s get into it. 

J. M. DeSantis Baltimore Comic-Con 2019

This month begins my official return to shows and conventions since last Fall. True, I did exhibit at No Such Con in February, and my Barnes & Noble signing this past August was no small event (far from it!), but generally I had taken a year off (as it were) to catch up on work and develop new projects for publication. The plan worked, as this year I’ve already published 2 comics, a novella, a children’s book, and a memoir/collection of art and writing, with still more content coming.

All of these new publications will be coming with me for three weeks straight to different parts of the northern east coast, and even though I was unfortunately not present at New York Comic Con this year, there’s even a show in New York for those who missed me:

Baltimore Comic Con: 18 – 20 October

Diversity Con: 25 October (at FIT in NYC)

Rhode Island Comic Con: 1 – 3 November

After that, there’s a bit of a lull again (unless something comes up) until Garden State Comic Fest: Winter Edition in January. I’m already scheduling for 2020 (my list of appearances is always updated on, and I should have even more content by the next set of shows. I’m looking into more book signings as well.

Ghosts Are People Too by J. M. DeSantis

But with my books and merchandise easier to find online, you don’t have to wait for a convention to purchase a work you’re interested in (and this new system is working, as my books especially are selling better now online than ever before).

I made some alterations to this site over the past couple of months, and now the more prominently featured menu items BOOKS & COMICS and MERCHANDISE have links to all of my published work and art merch respectively. Of course, there’s also the Dark Fire Press website ( which lists all of the work I’m publishing under that label—and which very soon will be announcing some new authors under its banner.

The Tainted Ones by J. M. DeSantis

Other than shows, and speaking of books, my children’s book, Ghosts Are People Too is now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble (links on As for my Lovecraftian horror comic, The Tainted Ones, both IndyPlanet and ComiXology are a bit overloaded with submissions right now, but keep checking the link on Dark Fire Press’s site, as I’m sure it’ll be available very soon ( Both are very different, but very special books in their own right, and perfect reads for the Halloween season.

Necronomicon break

That said, my theme for Inktober this year is Lovecraftian Horrors (as has been, generally, this year’s theme). Like in previous years, I’ll collect the finished series into a sketchbook and offer the original artworks for sale in November and December. If you’d like your name in the collection (handwritten by yours truly, in calligraphy), join my Patreon at $5 or more this month ($5 includes a PDF copy when it’s done; $15 includes both print & digital):

If you want an idea of what you’re getting before you buy (as it were), follow me on Instagram (@jmdwriteist), Twitter (@jmdesantis), and Facebook (/jmdesantis.writeist). But don’t wait too long. Halloween is the cut off date!

Gentleman Cthulhu

I’m also rounding off the last pieces for the unfinished 2018 Inktober collection (Wonderland), and Gentleman Cthulhu (which started posting regularly again in August: is going with Inktober’s theme all month long (with a final reveal of the new panel artwork in November!). Plus, I’m working toward finishing up my next Lovecraftian novel, The Kirklyn Horror, and the upcoming Chadhiyana comics for 2020 (as well as the special comic on Diwali—27 October 2019). There will also be other projects in the next year.

Keeping checking back, and consider becoming a patron (even at $1.00 per month: for more in-depth updates (and early access to Gentleman Cthulhu comics), or at least on social media for the semi-day-to-day updates.

I’ll be back soon with more…I’m certain of that!

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