Halloween COVID-Masks, Merch & Books

New Merchandise and Masks are now available through my growing Redbubble Store!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a proper blog post, having concentrated most of my updates on social media (follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), and to a lesser extent on Patreon and my mailing list. But in truth I’ve been hard at work getting Chadhiyana ready for her return to publication, working at growing Dark Fire Press and its list of titles, by me and other authors, and putting some work into designs on my fairly new Redbubble Store

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed things down in some senses (including no public appearances by me for the foreseeable future), Redbubble made print-on-demand masks available a few months back, and I started with a few designs: namely two for Chadhiyana, a Dark Fire Press mask, another one promoting health over wealth, and a tentacle moustache for my web-comic character, Gentleman Cthulhu (that latter design being a constant seller since it released in June).

Lately I’ve added some additional designs and artworks, including some Halloween-themed masks, as well as some Wonderland artwork, other horror art, and a couple more Chadhiyana designs to masks and various other products available through Redbubble (many of which I’ve ordered for myself).

So while shows are taking some time to safely return, and while I’m getting new projects ready, take some time to browse the merchandise I have available.

And also, if you haven’t read any of them yet, do take a look at the following horror titles I have available through Dark Fire Press, including my children’s book for some spooky fun for the younger audiences.

Robert Phillips by J. M. DeSantis The Tainted Ones by J. M. DeSantis Ghosts Are People Too by J. M. DeSantis

I’ll be updating the Redbubble store in the next few months with even more designs, and you can expect some artbooks and Chadhiyana coming from me soon.

I’ll also try to be a little better at updating this site more often again—though unlikely as often as the weekly blog I once kept. I’d prefer to spend the time creating more content. And I hope you’d all rather that’s where I concentrate my efforts too. (Though, you do get more, regular access for your support on my Patreon, even at $1.00 per month! Just a thought.)

See you all again with more soon. Cheers!

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