Boston Comic Con This Weekend, Baltimore Comic-Con One Month Away & the Chadhiyana Second Edition

Chadhiyana 2nd edition coverWell that’s a rather long blog title, but what it says is true. This month I’m finally returning to conventions and public appearances (after nearly a year off), and I’m beginning with the Boston Comic Con this weekend! What’s even more exciting about the weekend is that not only am I speaking on a panel about self-publishing, but the second edition of Chadhiyana will be available for the convention (despite what I wrote in last week’s blog post)!

From Friday through Sunday this weekend, I’ll be in Artist Alley at the Boston Comic Con. As stated, amongst the usual assortment of prints, posters, books and bookmarks (not to mention being available for commissions) on my table will be the new, thirty-six page second edition of Chadhiyana, featuring the original sixteen pages of content and the Prologue of the Chadhiyana graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. A lot has been done to this book to make it the definitive version (including colour corrections which now match almost exactly with my original art), and it looks beautiful. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, make sure you do.

Also, as I stated, I’ll be speaking on the Self-Publishing in Independent Comics panel on Friday night at 7 pm in Waterfront Ball Room 1. On the panel will be my fellow Comicbook Artist Guild members, Keith J. Murphey (creator of TORN) and E. J. Barnes. All three of us have quite a bit of knowledge and experience in self-publishing, so the panel promises to be an informative one. If you’re going to the show and are interested in self-publishing, make sure you put this down in your agenda.

Of course, if you’re not able to make it out to this show at all, next month I’ll be returning to the Baltimore Comic-Con (for the third year in a row). Just make sure you get my name right for both shows. I’m often enough confused for J. M. DeMatteis, but this year there’s apparently another J. M. exhibiting: J. M. Dragunas. If you’re looking for me, don’t go to the wrong J. M. D-guy. Though, if you’re looking for one of the other J. M.s, I can’t say I don’t hope you mix us up long enough to happen upon my table and check out my work.

This year’s Boston Comic Con promises to be a big one, and I’m very excited for it. Though I live right outside of New York, Boston is probably my favourite city, and I’m looking forward to going back, convention or not. If you’re going, make sure you stop by my Artist Alley table and pick up a book or just chat with me about Chadhiyana. I’d love to hear what more people are thinking about her. And if you can’t make it to Boston, there’s always Baltimore next month, or even New York Comic Con in October. I hope to see you come out for one or all of them. For those coming to Boston, I’ll see you this weekend!

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