So, Why Did I Do It?

J. M. DeSantis blog post

If you follow me on social media, you would have seen that I posted a terrifying and disappointing picture on Friday (and with how often I’m using social media for updates, you should be following me there, if you don’t already). Yes, it’s true. I took a scissors to those luscious curls and shaved my face bare. But I’m sure the question is, why did I get rid of my much beloved, constantly complimented handlebar moustache?

Simply put, I needed a little bit of a break. The moustache and all its upkeep was starting to get stale and the surest way to know if you really love and want something is to get some distance from it. In fact, I’ve been debating shaving the thing off for a long time now.

Last October I nearly did, though was talked out of it by a number of people. This inspired me to write my Handlebar Moustache Guide, which are, without question, the most popular blog posts I’ve written. But as the summer approached this year, I decided I was finally going to do it. Fortunately for some of you, I waited until after my summer convention appearances, though by the outpouring of responses on Friday’s social media post I can see that people are still shocked and disappointed. Though, a few seemed confident that not much had changed.

But I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is: is the moustache gone for good and all? I’m pleased to announce that that is likely not the case.

Only a week after shaving it (I shaved on the Sunday after Inbeon Con), I already miss the thing and have wondered (partly) if it wasn’t a mistake to get rid of it. Equally, however, I don’t know that I can be married to the moustache forever. After all, though I am not a cosplayer, I am a Renfaire-ist (is that right?) and medieval knights did not have handlebar moustaches, nor can I base every Halloween costume I ever wear around my moustache (my favourite holiday, by the way, and yes, I love to celebrate it through and through).

Small considerations for such an epic moustache, I know, but the facts are what they are. So, I am torn. I love my (now shaven) handlebar moustache as much as everyone else seems to, but I can’t possibly keep it all year round, from now until my hairs are white all over.

So, it may be that the thing becomes more of a seasonal thing. Or, perhaps some years it will stay all year round. I’m not certain yet. All I can say for sure is I won’t be able to grow it again in time for New York Comic Con. My hair doesn’t quite grow that fast, unfortunately, but you will likely see it again. I promise.

All that about handlebar moustaches said, many of you may recall a certain tentacle-moustache gentleman who has appeared on a print on my convention table for some years now. I’ve been working on a small project, here and there, in my spare time. For those curious, you may want to follow this link here, particularly on Thursday. Again, it’s just a small thing I’m having a bit of fun with on the side, as Chadhiyana is a big commitment in itself. Hopefully people will enjoy this thing. We’ll see.

Well that’s all for now. I have to get back to work, moustache or not.


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