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The Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend (Friday through Saturday) at the Baltimore Convention Center, and (unfortunately) for the first time in four years, I will not be there. Of course, I don’t write that begrudgingly. I’ll be a groomsman for a good, long-time friend of mine who is getting married this weekend. Though I will say it is hard to know I won’t be there this year, especially since I really enjoy both Baltimore and the convention. What’s more, Baltimore Comic-Con seems to be the con where I have the most repeat customers and fans, and my publisher is right nearby in D.C. Because of all of this I’m going to make a very special offer.

Throughout the weekend (and even a few days afterwards–let’s make the cut-off day Wednesday, September 30th) you can e-mail me your request for a commissioned piece (convention sketch). I offer a number of options, as well as two sizes (and sketch covers–though you’d have to mail me the sketch cover comic to get it to me). My prices are listed at the bottom of this post.

Pinhead Apocalypse Mash-Up by J. M. DeSantisThat said, you may notice some of the sketches available are labeled “fine art”. This is a fairly newish sketch I am doing (and they’ve proved fairly popular). They’re in full colour (watercolours) character sketches and feature two or three references to the character featured in the background (as opposed to a flat colour in the background). I also use more than just black ink on the outlines (as seen in the picture to the right). They take a bit longer to produce, but I think the finished pieces are quite impressive.

So, again, if you’re attending Baltimore Comic-Con and want a commission or even if you’re not at the show but always wanted a commission from me, here’s a small window of opportunity to get an order in for one. Just use the form or direct e-mail link on the Contact Page.

Spiderman Sketchcover by J. M. DeSantisThat said, I can’t guarantee what the exact turnaround time on these will be, as I’ll be squeezing them in between working on Chadhiyana pages and Gentleman Cthulhu comics, but I can promise I will work hard to get them done and out to anyone that puts in an order.

Other than that, I hope you all enjoy the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend. I will miss being there, but I’ll also be having a great time celebrating my friend and his wife-to-be taking the next step in their journey in life.



4” x 6” (small)
Black & White = $15.00
Colour = $20.00
“Fine Art” = $30.00

9” x 12” (medium)
Black & White = $30.00
Colour = $60.00
“Fine Art” = $100.00

Sketch Covers
Black & White = $60.00
Colour = $80.00
“Fine Art” = $120.00

Extras (add to above prices)
Additional Characters/add background = +$20.00 each
Wraparound Sketch Cover = +$40.00

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