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Last week I teased that there were two new things coming from me starting this month, and as promised so I have delivered. After years of debating with myself about whether or not to take the plunge, I have finally opened an online store for print-on-demand merchandise. In fact, I opened two: one on Society6 and one on Zazzle.

As it is, I’ve heard great things about both Society6 and Zazzle for a long time, so it was difficult to decide which service to use. In fact, this indecisiveness was partly what caused me to never set up a print-on-demand store for merchandise in the past. Not to mention, both services have slightly varying products. So, in the end, I decided to try out both and see which I like best.

Horror Door thumbFor now, I’m merely testing out how this new venture goes, so I’m concentrating on artwork and designs which have proved popular for me in the past. Namely, three artworks are being featured on various products: The Horror Beyond the Door, Cthulhu Taking Tea and my Nosferatu poster. As time passes, and should the store(s) prove lucrative, I’ll likely spend time adding more artworks and designs.

You visit out both stores at the following links:

Society6 Store –

Zazzle Store –*

(NOTE: Zazzle has a longer approval process for designs, so some merchandise might not be showing on the page yet.)

There are also links to both stores on the Store Page (now listed as Shop in the top menu bar).

That said, some of my Chadhiyana will may notice that there are currently no Chadhiyana pieces listed. As it is, Rosarium Publishing (the publisher for Chadhiyana) recently opened a Society6 store of their own (at and are going to offer prints and t-shirts featuring the characters and properties they are publishing. I’ve already been contacted to submit some Chadhiyana designs and will likely do so in the coming weeks, as I complete work on Chadhiyana #4 and begin work on Chadhiyana #5.

Other than that, I did promise that I would mention this month what the other initiative I had planned for the coming months. Aside from an online store, I have been debating getting involved in the whole crowd funding thing before it goes out of style. I’ve been researching various services and possibilities and have nearly settled on what I’d like to do and the rewards I’d like to offer. Likely I’ll be launching something along these lines in May, following the publication of Chadhiyana #4 in April (tentatively) and yet another initiative coming from Rosarium Publishing that same month which I’ll be assisting in promoting.

For now, I hope you’ll enjoy the designs and products currently being offered on the two online stores. And if there are any artworks of mine that you’d like to see on a product or there is a product you’d like to see offered for a current design, please contact me through the Contact Page. I’ll be happy to see what I can do about making it available.

In the meanwhile, I’ve got to finish up my latest issue of Chadhiyana and get it into Rosarium, then it’s on to designing some Chadhiyana t-shirts for them. It looks like March is going to be store month for me, so keep checking back, as I’ll be sure to post when new products are available.

Happy shopping!

J. M. DeSantis Society6 store
J. M. DeSantis Zazzle store

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