See You Next Year, Boston!

J. M. DeSantis Boston Comic Con 2016-2017 Newark Comic Con

Yes, as the title implies, I’ve already signed up for an Artist Alley table at next years’ Boston Comic Con. It’s honestly one of my favourite shows to do in my favourite city (I still think I’d like to move up this way someday). This year’s show was another success. I’ve sold out of a few things, and I don’t know that I’ll be able to restock on these items for this Saturday’s Newark Comic Con. (Sorry, though I still have plenty of prints and books available.). Though Aside from sales alone, there’s a lot more appeal to exhibiting at the Boston Comic Con.

As I said, I just love the area, the history, the culture, the people here, the genuine support and interest in independent artists (and just the arts in general). It’s something missing from the Tri-State area–and perhaps missing in most places in a country that severely under appreciates the arts. So, thank you, Boston, for making me feel welcome, and to the attendees of the Boston Comic Con (whether you bought a single item or not) for compliments and support–sometimes we artists need the confidence boost.

I was also happy that aside from Chadhiyana and Gentleman Cthulhu–which garnered a lot of attention (in fact, I had a few fans of both come up to the table this weekend)–my Dark Souls, Middle Earth and Alice in Wonderland fan art was getting so much attention as well. These with the Lovecraft and Nosferatu stuff I think I’m finally finding my niche for fan art–and thankfully it’s the stuff I’m interested in and I enjoy doing (since I really have no love for superhero stuff). Still, I would like more books on the table and more of my writing work highlighted–but for now it’s good to have worked out the fan art bit, especially as it relates to my creator-owned work. Its gives a cohesive theme to my table now, and someone who enjoys my Dark Souls art may enjoy Chadhiyana or even those with an affection for the weird, horror stuff or even the Alice stuff may enjoy my Gentleman Cthulhu comics. As I’m writing this my mind is racing with all sorts of ideas, though we’ll see how it develops through this year and 2017. After all, by next year’s convention circuit, the first Chadhiyana trade should be available, and that alone is significant.

That said, there are a few people I’d like to thank or mention directly. First, of course, my neighbor, writer Erik Radvon ( who is seemingly new to the comic scene, though you honestly wouldn’t know it. I was happy to trade a print for a book of his to check out. Though more than that, Erik was one of the best neighbors I’ve had at a show, and we hit it off pretty good. I hope to see him on the convention circuit more, and intend on staying in touch. Plus I’m looking forward to his forthcoming contribution to the second volume of Colonial Comics.

On the more familiar side was J. D. Calderon, writer of The Oswald Chronicles (, who though I’ve know about for years (since I first started doing cons in 2009), I only just began to become familiar with in the last year or two. As always, it was great talking writing and business with him, and I look forward to our next run in, particularly in regards to a project he’s currently developing. Also, E. J. Barnes ( who though I wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday on Friday (Happy Birthday, again, E. J.), was good to see again. I’m looking forward to reading her story in the first Colonial Comics volume, which I picked up at the show.

Last, but not least, was Jackie Musto ( who I met last year when she commissioned me for a small con sketch of her character, Lady Skylark and threw in a copy of the first trade (which I quite enjoyed). It was good to see she was still going strong–and I mean that, as the woman’s doing a staggering three pages a week of two web-comic series: Kay and P ( and Lady Skylark (–I may have even pointed this out last year. How she hasn’t gotten picked up by a publisher yet is beyond me, because on the indie scene (as much as I love it), there aren’t many artists keeping that pace (myself included–and I’ve been told I’m a workhorse; though you wouldn’t know it based on the Chadhiyana delays). So, if you’re reading this, give her stuff a look. It’s beautifully done and enjoyable to read.

That all said, though the con is over, I don’t have to say goodbye to Massachusetts just yet. I’ll be in the area for a few more days (which is partly why I’m not sure about being able to restocking those items in time for Newark) visiting nearby Salem (which I’ve never been to), and enjoying some of the local fare and history while I recharge before I come back to the studio and a string of three more conventions.

So, until next week…though I hope to see some of you come out to the Newark Comic Con this Saturday. As I’ve been told, last years’ was a huge success.


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