AACPL Comic Con Thank You

J. M. DeSantis AACPL Comic Con Thank You

I just wanted to quickly take the time to thank the Odenton Library for inviting myself and my other Rosarium Publishing compatriots to the AAPCL (Anne Arundel County Public Library) Comic Con this past Saturday (and my thanks too to Bill Campbell for asking me to be a part of Rosarium’s presence there). It was a small show, but sometimes those are the most fun and relaxing. Plus, I always enjoy speaking on panels, and as per the encouragement of my publisher, I’m trying to speak on more of them going forward.

As for the Diversity in Children’s Comics panel, it was fun to do and Mr. Campbell asked some great questions during the hour long session. Unfortunately, it was not recorded so I can’t share it here; though nothing of the yet-forthcoming news about Chadhiyana was spoken about. We discussed more generally how we got into comics and some of our inspirations and thought processes in creating them. Indeed Chadhiyana was discussed, though little that I haven’t mentioned in other interviews and panels.

That said, I had a great time. It’s always enjoyable to see Bizhan Khodabanden and Micheline Hess, as well as Bill Campbell, as I don’t often get to see my fellow Rosarians often. So thank you to them also for the fine company, and to everyone else who came by the table and attended the panel. And thank you to the Odenton Library for having us, and for the snacks in the green room (always a nice extra when a convention feeds and waters you).

With that, it’s back to the studio, catching up on a few things, and getting ready to finally make an official announcement regarding Chadhiyana and why the first collection has been delayed for so long. (I’m very excited for this, so stay tuned–hopefully I can make the announcement next month.) Also, be sure to check out the Events page on jmdesantis.com from time to time to keep up on where I’ll be in the future. I’m be taking a little break from conventions until July (unless something springs up), but the summer is going to be busy as usual, as will the fall.

Until next time. Cheers!

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