East Coast ComiCon Reflections

Though it was something of a mixed experience, I enjoyed this past weekend’s East Coast ComiCon. As usual, I was able to introduce new people to my work–especially Chadhiyana–and see a few repeat customers, as well. Though more than that, it was nice to finally attend a convention so close to home, and (somewhat surprisingly) see so many of my peers and friends, many of whom are based out of New York and Long Island. Conventions are often the only chance I get to catch up properly with other creators, and as it is, I haven’t exhibited for about six months. 

That said, there was some down-time at this show, and though on one hand that was a disappointment, on the other I was able to pick people’s brains about various things including tips on exhibiting at future shows (I’m always learning something new from every show I do). Some even recommended other conventions worth getting space at. As usual, I’m considering all of the information and advice given, and it may be that there will be some new items featured on my table this year.

Additionally, I might be adding a few of those recommended shows to my list of appearances this year. One in particular, the Bronx Heroes: Women in Comics Convention is only two weeks away (May 2nd)–thanks to my friend, Ray Felix, who runs the show, who pestered me (in good fun) all weekend about doing it because he felt Chadhiyana would be a perfect fit. The other shows, if I can make them happen, will of course be listed on the Events & Shows page as soon as they’re confirmed, and with Chadhiyana finally having a publisher behind it, I’m all the more motivated to make more appearances this year.

Other than Ray, it was a pleasure to see a number of friendly faces this past weekend including Eric Hutchison of Inbeon Studios, Mark Mazz of Atlas Unleashed, the gentlemen at Mas Media (Anibal Arroyo, Jorge Medina and Jonathan Syphax), Alex Rivera, Liam Webb, James and Emilio Rodriguez (no relation) of Tres Calaveras Studios and last but certainly not least the ever classy, wonderfully talented Ed Traquino, creator of the comic series, Cee & Bee (ceeandbee.com). He’s been working on the first graphic novel for a while now, and I was happy to finally be able to pick up a copy and have the chance to catch up with one of my oldest friends in the industry who I haven’t seen in years.

Other than Cee & Bee, I also had the opportunity to pick up books by some of my neighbors. Chelsea Sachs-Mishalanie and Stefanie Battalene shared the table beside me and traded their Animal Control and Bounty Head (respectively) for copies of Chadhiyana. Both were enjoyable, light-hearted comics and both women have a knack for good storytelling in their own right. I loved how Animal Control’s two stories tied together (although at first the second story seemed like a non-sequitur), and the ending of Bounty Head was quite satisfying (I don’t want to spoil it). I also was treated to two issues of Vera Greentea’s Nentel series (art by Laura Müller), with its lush artwork and intriguing story. I’m hoping to have an opportunity to finish the series, once the remaining issues are published. All four books are worth a read, so seek them out if you have the opportunity.

Other than that, I recieved many compliments on Rosarium Publishing picking up Chadhiyana for publication, and so I’m all the more looking forward to the first issue’s publication. A release date has not officially been set, but I’ve finished the cover for the first issue and am in the process of making some edits to the text. Expect some news about that soon, as well.

Well, that’s all for this week. I’ve got a comic issue to get ready, other work to catch up on and I’m moving into a new place this week–my studio included–with my girlfriend (who is always helpful and supportive). That said, I might not have much time to write a proper blog piece next week, but we’ll see. Maybe I can at least reveal the first Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows cover. And who knows? Maybe I’ll have a release date to announce as well.

Fingers crossed. Cheers!

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