Back from the Con(s)

J. M. DeSantis - Back from NYCC 2017
Let me start by writing, I had a blast at New York Comic Con this year. Although parts of it were disappointing, to say the least (Saturday was surprisingly dead, and my worst Saturday on record, despite the show being a success overall), hanging out behind the table with Chris Campana was a lot of fun. So first, thanks to Chris for making it an enjoyable show, and for bouncing ideas and talking shop. That’s the sort of thing you just can’t put a price tag on at a show.

Other than Chris, it was good seeing my extended families at Inbeon Studios, Fat Guy Inc and Atlas Unleashed. I can’t say too much yet, but I might (just might) have some things coming out from each of these fine publishers in the future (how near or not I can’t say). Thanks, also and always, to David Cebollero who’s support of artists is (for me) second to none. I had a great time seeing and catching up with all of you. We have to do it more often.

Amongst other highlights was getting a chance to drop by the Stranger Comics stand to pick up copies of Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars issue 1 and the second volume of The Untamed, Killing Floor. Also worth a return stop were picking up some blank sketchcovers for both Niobe and Vampire Hunter D (expect those to start posting on my social media soon—maybe after Inktober).

Of course, finding out that Vampire Hunter D has only one issue out after a year was both disappointing and comforting. I know that sounds strange, but I honestly felt a little better that if a property like D has seen such a huge delay in publication, I shouldn’t be as upset as I’ve been about my own delays with Chadhiyana. Not excusing it, but just allowing myself a little reason not to fall into a pit of self-loathing despair. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Though in all seriousness, there were a lot of people asking about Chadhiyana at this con and in Baltimore two weeks ago. I had no idea that there are so many people enjoying and waiting for more Chadhiyana (especially after issue 5—my Chadhiyana fans need to be more vocal). Again, I haven’t abandoned her, just certain circumstances forced me to slow down the production of the series…temporarily. But I’m looking forward to sharing what’s been going on behind the scenes with it soon, and getting issues out on a more regular basis (as some adjustments in my work schedule will now allow me to do, once I’ve caught up a bit).

The show is always a whirlwind of activity and increasingly exhausting, year after year, but despite lower than usual sales on Saturday, the show was a huge success and may lead to some new and exciting things for me. Plus, given some of the feedback I received, my confidence has grown toward some of the plans I already had.

That said, I’m done with conventions for the year, but there’s still plenty to follow. Inktober is under way (and I have a bit of catching up to do, because of NYCC), I’m planning to open up commissions through my website in November or December, and I’ve a few other things in the works before we ring in the new year. So back to work for me, and I’ll hopefully see you all back here next week.


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