Coming in November

Coming in November 2017 from J. M. DeSantis
I have to apologise for my absence last week, not just on my blog but on social media for Inktober and on I came down with a nasty stomach virus, and was good for little else but resting and eating bland food. So, whilst I’m behind on just about everything at the moment, I’m catching up and getting ready for some things coming in November (and the months following it even.

First, through the end of the month, my focus will largely be on catching up and continuing the work on both Gentleman Cthulhu, my Inktober drawings, Chadhiyana (yes), and if I can find the time, one out-standing project. Following Inktober (October), I intend to publish a collection of the drawings which I’ll release in either November or December. However, that book will only be available either through my Patreon ( or on my convention tables. Likely released around the same time will be the sketchbook I’d been advertising and writing about back in August, and likely with the same restrictions for where to find it.

As I’m not exhibiting at any new shows until next year, I would encourage you to join my Patreon if you have an interest in the book. $5.00 would secure you a digital copy with your name added at the end of the book, whilst $15.00 would ensure a physical copy and all of the aforementioned benefits.

That said, I’ll also open online commissions again from November 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018. I’m planning to raise some of my prices next year (and for the purpose of not making this post overlong), I’ll save more information on that for a later post), so this commission window will be the last time to get a commission at my current prices. Already, I’ve had two inquiries and one booking, so my hopes are these will fill up relatively fast.

Also with this, I’m in the process of cleaning out some old stock of prints and convention display materials. Some months back I alluded to changes I want to make to my convention display, and I also I’d like to (and am going to need to) have more books rather than prints on my table, so I’m going to need to make room for those. So print and display sales (I’m hoping) should begin in November as well. Likely I’ll start by offering these first to my Patreon supporters, then to my mailing list subscribers (you can subscribe on the sidebar of this site), and then finally on social media.

Last of all, like taking on the Inktober challenge for the first time this year, I’ve decided I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month; I first heard about it five or so years ago from fellow writer Patrick C. Silvestri (who’s done the challenge a few times already, I believe), and have every year since wished to participate, but never had the time to do so.

With the art currently so far behind the writing pace of Chadhiyana and no other writing projects in my schedule right now, as well as the fact that for years now I’ve separated my times for writing and art production (so the two don’t compete), I’m in a very unique position to try my hand at the challenge this year. And for any who follow me closely, you’ll know I love writing prose and have missed doing so for a long time.

Truthfully, I’d love to try the challenge every year for the next few years, but I need to start somewhere first and 2017 is a perfect year to do so, even if it hasn’t been a perfect year, creatively or otherwise. I’ve already begun organising notes and working on an outline for one of a number of novel ideas I’ve had for years: a dark fantasy love story (with plenty of adventure for the boys, I promise you). Fingers crossed that it takes hold, and I can complete the challenge.

But I suppose that’s all for now. I feel like I’d love to say more about each individual bit, but this blog entry is already getting a little too long. So, until next week.


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