No Such Con 2018

J. M. DeSantis - No Such Con 2018
Just a brief note that I’ve been invited back to the No Such Con at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York this year. Sorry for the late notice, but this is a small, student-run show, and the details took a bit to iron out, but if you are in the area, please stop by. I’ll be speaking on a few panels, and have my new Inktober 2017 Sketchbook on sale at the table (for the first time). 

To check out more about the show, times, layout, and panels, visit the No Such Con website at

That said, also don’t forget that commissions are still open (pricing and contact on and in just a few days the window will close for having your name included in the upcoming Gentleman Cthulhu collection, And They Call it Mummy Love. Again, to have your name in the book, join my Patreon by February 28th at just $3.00 or more (even a one-time contribution will get you in the book; and at $15.00 you’ll have a signed copy mailed straight to you).

And that’s about all. Short and sweet this time. So until next week.


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