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J. M. DeSantis

Special Annoucement: Slight Change to the Graphic Novel’s Launch Date

Not to worry folks; the change is a good one. Because one page at the beginning of the book had to be extended to two pages, the Chadhiyana graphic novel web-comic, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, will begin posting on Tuesday, October 1st. That means an earlier release date and an extra page next week. Everything else will remain as it was outlined in yesterday’s post. So make sure you visit on Tuesday for the first posting (the cover of the book) and help celebrate the start of a new chapter in Chadhiyana’s story (both literally and figuratively).

J. M. DeSantis

The Graphic Novel Approaches

The web-comic debut of the Chadhiyana graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, is nearly upon us. I know that last week I wrote that I was uncertain about when the web-comic would finally start posting, but I wasn’t yet certain everything would be ready for the date I’d had in mind. I was, however, quite specific that I wanted pages to begin posting before or around the New York Comic Con (October 10-13), where I will be exhibiting this year at booth # 943 (with NovaStar Studios, publisher of Sara Rising). That said, NYCC fast approaches and the graphic novel’s web-comic launch date may be sooner than you think. Read more… ›

J. M. DeSantis

A New Website

I know it’s been three weeks since there’s been a Chadhiyana update (on account of the Baltimore Comic-Con two weeks ago), but I only have a very brief update for you this week. Progress on the graphic novel has been slow and steady (what else is new?), but there’s still a lot more work to get done before the web-comic version of the graphic novel can officially begin publication. In the meanwhile, however, I thought I’d introduce you to the web-comic’s future home. Read more… ›

J. M. DeSantis

Further Chadhiyana Progress

Chadhiyana: iCoS pencils page 1Last week, I began penciling the Chadhiyana graphic novel (Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows), but there’s a lot more to do besides comic pages before I can launch the web-comic. I’ve been busy with just about all of it this week (and one small, side project). So, here’s a brief update about where I am this week, as promised.

At this point, only two pages of the Prologue have been penciled. Don’t panic. It’s not that I work that slow or was slacking off. Unfortunately, I had to switch gears for a few days and concentrate on some other things. First, I wanted to create a new Chadhiyana logo for the graphic novel, something crisper than the original, hand-drawn logo which decorates the first Chadhiyana comic (visit to purchase a copy). Read more… ›

J. M. DeSantis

On the Chadhiyana Graphic Novel

Writing Chadhiyana: In the Company of ShadowsIt’s been too long since I posted a proper update about the Chadhiyana graphic novel. Since announcing it in April, I’ve mentioned the story is going to be “fuller” than the first two short stories and (often) that progress is going slow and steady. Part of the reason I haven’t said more until now is because I’ve been busy with other things I wanted to promote (gallery shows, conventions, updates to my website, etc). The other reason (and more importantly) is that the process of creating this graphic novel is going much slower than I anticipated. However, things are finally coming together on the project (mostly). In light of that, I thought it was high time I said more about the book and how it’s coming along. Read more… ›