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Darksome Craft Market

Online: 2 – 4 February 2024

For those shopping the Darksome Craft Market (https://darksomecraftmarket.com) check their website for all of the wonderful artists showing their work this weekend.

For my works in particular, use my linktree: https://linktr.ee/jmdesantis for links to my books, comics, Etsy and Redbubble stores, and my commissions page.

Code DARKSOMELOVE gets you 10% off your Etsy purchases and all commissions this weekend (through Feb 4th)!

A New Chadhiyana Story

Chadhiyana in A Kid and a Comic

Chadhiyana will appear in A Kid and a Comic for a 10 issue, two-part story!

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Support Small Business Saturday

So many ways to support this #SmallBusinessSaturday and through the week (Click more to see the links below):

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NEW: Etsy Store!


New from The Writeist, the grand opening of my Etsy Store! I’m starting off this new venture with my stickers selection. Many of my art prints, original artworks, and some new products will follow (after the present art Sale going on my Facebook and Instagram pages).

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Special Holiday Art Sale 25%-30% Off

And here…we…GO!

Follow me on Instagram (@jmdwriteist) or Facebook (@jmdesantis.writeist) to see all if the artwork that is beoing posted for sale. 50+ pieces over seven posts going up today.

All artwork will list with the original price as well as the 30% discount worked out.For commissions, I’ll have limited spots at 25% (https://jmdesantis.com/commission-requests)

To claim a piece, once listed, place the piece and CLAIM in the comments. I will reach out to you directly. Payment plans are optional, and I’ll be using PayPal and Venmo.The sale goes until 12 am EST (midnight) on November 28. Claims must be made in that window. I’ll be doing it on a first come, first serve on Facebook & Instagram simultaneously.

The Kirklyn Horror: My Second Novel

Though I haven’t updated my blog here in quite a while, I’ve been busy creating new artworks, vending at (so far) twenty-eight shows this year (more than double any previous year, and I still have eight more to go), and preparing my second novel, The Kirklyn Horror for publication!

This Friday the 13th, The Kirklyn Horror releases in print and digital, and if you’re reading this before that date, you can pre-order it now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites (listed on darkfirepress.com/books/kirklynhorror)

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2023: A Big Year Ahead

2023 A Big Year J. M. DeSantis

I meant to update this a while ago, but as the title of this post suggests, the last few months have already been incredibly busy. I’ve exhibited at five different events (with twenty or so still to come this year), I’ve completed more than fifteen new artworks (between fan art, commissions, and some freelance work), and have edited both my next novel and some of the scripts for the upcoming issues of my Chadhiyana series. All of this, and we’re only three-and-a-half months into 2023.

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5 Year Anniversary for Dark Fire Press!

Dark Fire Press: Five Year Anniversary, 2018-2023

My publisher, Dark Fire Press, turns 5 this year! That’s 5 years of creator-owned publishing not only of my own work, but that of others such as Jorge Media, Luiz M. Cruz, and Anibal Arroyo. More publications are coming from them this year (including Chadhiyana and my next novel, The Kirklyn Horror). So check out their site: darkfirepress.com & join their mailing list for updates in your e-mail (their socials are linked on their site).

Congratulations, Dark Fire Press! To another five and more years! Cheers!

Farewell to The Spider’s Web

It’s rare I create superhero art—unless it’s requested, and due to the focus of my art, that’s still a rarity—but this was done for a special occasion.

Saturday, 7 January, was the last day for The Spider’s Web in Yonkers, NY, and the above Spider-Man was a gift to its owner, Paul, as a thank you for all the opportunities and great times he, Andrew, and the rest of the crew provided in the short time I had been frequenting the store. Though The Spider’s Web had been there for ten years, I’ve only gotten to know the spot over the past two years, and it’s difficult to explain how wonderful the place was.

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Chadhiyana #2 on GlobalComix

It’s been a long while coming, but Chadhiyana #2: In the Dwerrow Tomb is now available on GlobalComix as pay-per-page or DRM-free PDF download: globalcomix.com/c/chadhiyana/chapters/en/3/

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